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New Report by Doctors for Choice Asserts That Abortion Access is Healthcare

Tomorrow there will be a report released by Doctors for Choice, a worldwide pro-choice group of medical providers, regarding their stance on abortion being a healthcare issue and that bans on abortion would risk the lives of women. Doctors for Choice previewed its paper by describing their position with “the complete ban on abortion is a risk to women’s lives… as shown by observational scientific studies, denying women an abortion on request has negative repercussions on their physical health, mental health, and social situation.” Further, the group describes how abortion is a safe procedure, as it has lower rates of morbidity and mortality than childbirth.

Doctors for Choice was founded in May 2019 to advocate for comprehensive reproductive health care, including access to safe abortion and contraception. This organization aims to connect physicians from various disciplines globally to fight for access to reproductive health care and for women to have autonomy over their lives and bodies.

Globally, 700 million women and girls of reproductive age are unable to access safe and legal abortion services. Further, legal restrictions on abortions do not decrease the rates of abortions, but rather women risk their lives and health in order to seek unsafe abortions.

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