New Report Dispels Myth of Conservative America

A new report published by the Campaign for America’s Future and Media Matters for America finds that, although Americans commonly believe that the majority of the country is conservative, Americans are actually progressive in their views and voting trends. The report, titled “Why Conservative America is a Myth,” looks at broad ideological convictions rather than specific political issues, and found that “the public is much closer to the progressive view.”

The report finds that conservative media sources repeat and promote the myth that Americans are conservative. Even when the Democrats won in the 2006 elections, Fox News emphasized that “from what we could see from all the polling and everything else, it remains a conservative country,” though “polling and everything else” were never defined, the report points out. Then, political pundits said that Democrats won in 2006 because they ran conservative candidates, despite the fact that the Congressional Progressive Caucus grew significantly after the election to become the largest Democratic caucus in the House. To gauge the true climate of America, the report included surveys, showing that Americans are more likely to support social services, government action to reduce income differences, stem cell research, and access to abortion.

The release of the report is in conjunction with the Take Back America Conference, held by the Campaign for America’s Future in Washington, DC.

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