New Resources Available on Women’s Earnings and the Wage Gap

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) released a new resource guide last week designed to help women to negotiate wages and recognize wage discrimination in their jobs. The guide, Know What to Ask and Know Your Rights: A Pay Equity Guide on How to Help Yourself in the Workplace is aimed at young women entering the job market. In announcing the guide at the “Equity Pay for Women” seminar at Stony Brook University, Clinton said, “I hope this guide is a tool that helps to empower women, looking for jobs or holding jobs and perhaps unaware of their rights and the resources available.”

Clinton is also sponsoring the Paycheck Fairness Act in Congress, which would strengthen pay equity enforcement by creating penalties and rewards for companies based on their commitment to pay equity. On average, American women still make only $.76 to every dollar earned by men in similar jobs.

LEARN MORE Download the guide from Senator Clinton’s website

LEARN MORE Visit the WAGE project to learn about pay equity and calculate your own wage gap

LEARN MORE Read “Mind the Wage Gap” in the Fall 2005 issue of Ms. Magazine.


Press Release from the Office of Senator Clinton, 3/23/06; Stony Brook Independent 3/23/06

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