New Trials May Provide Women Access to RU 486

On Wednesday (3-13), Abortion Rights Mobilization president Lawrence Lader announced that the group has filed a request with the Food and Drug Administration to begin tests of a copy of the French abortion pill RU 486. “We are trying to get this pill to American women quickly, so that if we lose the White House and get an anti-abortion president, women will still have this choice available to them.” If the FDA approves of the trials, 2,000 women in Rochester, NY and unnamed clinics would test the drug.

The French manufacturer Roussel Uclaf gave the U.S. patent for the drug to the Population Council which is preparing to apply for FDA approval having finished its own clinical tests last year. The ARM tests are intended to provide women access to the drug and expedite the process for future access. The Population Council reports it has selected a manufacturer and distributor for the drug.


The San Francisco Chronicle - March 14, 1996; Reuters - March 14, 1996

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