New York Police Sergeant Files Sexual Harassment Suit

Sergeant Michelle Jarman-Brown filed a two hundred million dollar federal law suit against the New York City Police Department, alleging that she had been sexually harassed by her co-workers and her boss. She alleges that her boss, Inspector Arthur Storch, told her to come to a meeting in a short skirt, saying, “You can be like the ring girls at the boxing match, wear a bikini and walk around holding a sign over your head.”

Another alleged incident involved her co-workers, who, she claims, used a screen saver depicting lesbian sex and read Hustler at the office. When she complained, the next day she found the magazine stained with semen and shoved in her desk. When she reported the incidents to Internal Affairs, her boss told her husband, also a police officer, to “Tell your wife that I want my property back, the things she stole from my office…or she’s dead and you’re dead.”


AP - July 20, 1998

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