New Young Feminist Task Force Holds Meet-Up

The newly formed Younger Women’s Task Force of the National Coalition of Women’s Organizations held its first major event this past weekend. Launched in summer 2004, the Task Force brought young feminists from around the country to a three-day conference in Washington, DC to strategize and discuss issues of importance to younger feminists.

Alison Stein, founder of the Younger Women’s Task Force, told Women’s eNews that she hopes the group will create a “really clear, engaged, well-communicated voice for younger women.” Among the issues the group will focus on are sexual and reproductive freedom; empowerment, self-esteem, and leadership for young women; inclusion and diversity within the women’s movement; and access to education and opportunities. The organization is geared toward women in their 20s and 30s because, as Stein told ms.musings, the Ms. magazine weblog, she saw a need to engage women who were beyond college but still not part of the leadership of the women’s movement.

“It was inspiring to be part of a gathering of young women engaged in thoughtful discussions of problems facing my generation today,” said Anname Phann, 25, a conference attendee and publishing assistant at Ms. magazine. Regional Task Forces were formed to take back the ideas and action plans developed at the conference to the hometowns of the attendees. Stein hopes to bring the regional directors together this summer and to hold national conferences every year, according to Women’s eNews.


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