New YWCA Survey Indicates Women’s Priorities for the Obama Administration

The YWCA released a new survey today entitled: “What Women Want: A National Survey of Priorities and Concerns.” According to their press release, the survey (see PDF) interviewed 1,000 women between 18 and 70 years old by phone nationwide.

The findings indicate generational differences between younger women (18-29) and older women, namely that younger women are more concerned than older women about discrimination based on race or religion. Seventy-seven percent of women under 30 name civil rights and racial justice as top priorities for the Obama administration compared to a little over half of the older women surveyed. However, the survey indicated agreement across generations on naming violence against women as another top priority. Close to 75 percent of women want Obama to address violence against women in his first-year in office.

Lorraine Cole, Chief Executive Officer of YWCA USA, explained the generation gap on racial issues to the Associated Press: “Older women have seen more progress and are therefore more optimistic about racial status, race relations and racial justice issues in this country, so that may be part of the explanation.” She added, “Young women do not have that firsthand knowledge, but only go on their personal experiences and experiences of women like them.”

The YWCA survey, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, has a +/-4 margin of error.


Associated Press 11/24/2008, YWCA Press Release 11/24/2008

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