NGO’S Participate in Unprecedented Numbers at FWCW

At a press conference at the official government meeting at the Fourth World Conference On Women (FWCW), the UN Conference Secretariat for the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), Kristen Timothy announced that 3000 NGO’s represented by over 4000 individuals, were participating in the FWCW.

Timothy said NGO participation in the FWCW has included involvement in prior world conferences on population and social issues as well as earlier world conferences on women. She attributed this increase to the growth in the last 10 years of the number of NGO’s advocating for women and the number of NGO’s involved in the UN process. The number of NGO’s not exclusively devoted to women’s issues but who have added women’s concerns to their agendas has also contributed to the growth in NGO participation.


Jennifer Jackman, FMF

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