NH Anti-Abortion Bill Returned to House Committee

In New Hampshire, a bill requiring that women undergo a 24-hour waiting period and be given “informational materials” about the medical risks of having an abortion, alternatives to the procedure, and the fetus’ gestational age before having an abortion will return to House committee. Those found in violation of the law could be charged with a felony and receive a 15 year prison sentence. Last week, the New Hampshire House voted to pass the bill on to the state Senate but later decided to return the bill to the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. A hearing is scheduled on the bill today. Donna Crane, policy director for NARAL Pro-Choice America, said, “Sadly, this is a trend that has been sweeping across the states. Until now, New Hampshire had been protected from it because it had elected officials who believed that government shouldn’t interfere with private medical practice.”


Boston Globe 3/20/12, 3/11/12

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