NH Governor Signs Same-Sex Civil Union Bill

Beginning in January, same-sex couples will be able to form civil unions in New Hampshire. Governor John Lynch (D) signed a law yesterday that will give partners in civil unions the same rights as married couples. Out-of-state civil unions will be recognized in New Hampshire if they are legal in the original state, according to the Associated Press.

Lynch said the law confirms New Hampshire’s commitment to “fairness for everyone,” according to the AP. “How could any one of us look into the eyes of our neighbors, our friends or our loved ones if we continued to deny them these basic legal protections?” The law passed the state legislature, which is controlled by Democrats, in April.

New Hampshire joins the ranks of six other states that allow civil unions or domestic partnerships. Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski (D) signed two bills into law earlier this month establishing legal rights for same-sex couples akin to the benefits of marriage and banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.


Associated Press 6/1/07; FMF 5/14/07

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