NH Governor Vetoes Late Abortion Ban

New Hampshire Governor John Lynch (D) vetoed a bill on Friday that would have banned late abortions in the state. According to New Hampshire Public Radio, the state Senate passed the bill in an 18 to 5 vote and the House passed it in a 224 to 110 vote. The bill was the only anti-abortion law to be considered by the legislature this session.

In his veto message, Lynch wrote that the bill is unnecessary since a federal law banning late abortions has been in place since 2003, the Nashua Telegraph reports. “I believe the federal law is appropriately more protective of the life of the pregnant woman,” Lynch continued. Under the Federal late abortion ban, the procedure is allowed if the woman’s life is at risk. The New Hampshire bill would have additionally required two physicians from different hospitals to determine that the woman’s life is in danger in order to be exempt from the late ban, according to The Associated Press. “The lapse of time in finding that second physician and obtaining the needed referral could be significant and could result in the death of the pregnant woman,” Lynch said on Friday.

New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien (R) condemned the veto in a statement, writing, “Overriding this veto will be a priority, and I would hope that all the gubernatorial candidates of both parties will join in our efforts.” The House can override the veto with a two-thirds vote and is expected to take up the matter on June 27. According to New Hampshire Public Radio, it is unlikely that the override will get the necessary votes, based on the original 224 to 110 vote in the state House.

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