NJ Criminal Justice Department Sexual Harassment Case Filed

Attorney Barbara Davis is suing two of her bosses and the state of New Jersey for the sexual harassment she was subjected to when she worked in New Jersey’s Criminal Justice Division. Accused of the bulk of the charges is Richard Carley, whom Davis accuses of grabbing her breast, stuffing money in her bra, grabbing her buttocks and coming on to her. She accuses another immediate boss of hers of failing to follow up when she complained of Carley’s behavior. She wants life salary compensation, claiming she has been unable to work since the harassment.

Alan Hyde, a professor at Rutgers Law School, located in Newark, NJ, commented, “You can’t hang a sign on the door that says ‘Men Only’ in words, but this case seems like they hung the sign not with words but with deeds.”


The New York Times - July 30, 1998

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