NJ House Votes to Restore $5 Million to Family Planning Clinics

On Monday, the New Jersey Assembly voted in favor of allocating $5 million in funding to the state’s family planning clinics. The bill transfers $5 million from unused funds originally allocated to county prisons for housing state prisoners to family planning clinics and passed 44 to 25 in the House, with ten representatives not voting. The New Jersey Senate is expected to vote on the bill in early December. The measure restores some of funding cut from the state budget after Governor Chris Christie (R) vetoed a measure that allocated $7.5 million to the state’s 58 clinics in late September. Due to the lack of funding, multiple clinics have closed. Lawmakers also passed a bill that requires the state government to apply for further Medicaid funding from the federal government to provide family planning services to low-income women. Passing 45 to 25 with nine representatives abstaining, this bill will also be addressed in the Senate in December.


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