Norway to Introduce Affirmative Action Laws for Men

Norway, which hails itself as one of the most egalitarian nations, announced new rules that would introduce affirmative action programs to promote equal employment opportunities for men in traditionally “female” occupations.

Norway’s government will amend several equal-rights regulations that will allow greater numbers of men to work in the traditionally “female” professions of child care provider, preschool and primary school teacher and child welfare worker.

Valgerd Svarstad, Minister of Families and Children, feels that incorporating a greater number of male employees in these professions would help to “change children’s views on gender roles, and provide boys with role models in their schools or care centers.”

The new laws would set limited quotas for the number of male employees and allow employers to consider the sex of an applicant when choosing between equally qualified candidates.


AP - July 17, 1998

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