NOW Protests Mitsubishi

National Organization for Women chapters across the country picketed Mitsubishi auto dealerships this weekend to protest the company’s handling of charges of pervasive sexual harassment at its Normal, Ill. plant. Carrying signs that read, “Solutions, not retaliation” and “Mitsubishi, women are watching,” the protesters expressed their outrage over Mitsubishi’s denial of the claims made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on the behalf of over 300 women as well as the company’s threats to its employees that they could lose their jobs as a result of the allegations and decreased sales.

Mitsubishi has until mid-June to respond to the EEOC lawsuit, but has indicated it is searching for a new law firm to represent the company. After a Friday meeting with EEOC lawyers following a month-long absence of official contact, Chicago EEOC director John Rowe said, “Our essential understanding is that the next contact will be a court filing by Mitsubishi.”


The Washington Post - May 13, 1996

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