…now what?

One thing that George W. Bush’s appointment to the presidency has done is infuriate a good portion of the populace. Since activism is more productive than anger, in the next few months Ms. will offer several installments of this activist guide. The guides will provide information on organizations that are working to make a difference. This is the third installment.

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization that uses nonviolent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.

“If Bush pushes the environmental deregulation backed by the corporate contributors who bought him his job, he’ll be fighting a trench battle with the public that will leave him unfit for reappointment.”
John Passacantando, executive director

702 H St., N.W., Ste. 300
Washington, D.C. 20001
(202) 462-1177
Fax: (202) 462-4507
E-mail: greenpeace.usa@wdc.greenpeace.org

National Organization For Women
NOW is the largest feminist organization in the nation, with more than half a million contributing members. Its official priorities are pressing for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that will guarantee equal rights for women; achieving economic equality for women; championing the right to abortion, to reproductive freedom, and other women’s health issues; supporting civil rights for all; opposing racism; opposing bigotry against lesbians and gays; and ending violence against women.

“Sometimes it’s hard to maintain your fight when you’re struggling as hard as you can just to stay even. But all of our movement has prospered in adversity.”
-Patricia Ireland, president

733 15th Street, N.W., 2nd Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005
(202) 628-8669
Fax: (202) 785-8576
E-mail: mailto:now@now.org

Chinese for Affirmative Action
CAA’s mission is to defend and promote the civil and political rights of Chinese and Asian Americans within the context of, and in the interest of, advancing multiracial democracy in the United States.

“Our organization filed a conditional opposition to the nomination of Elaine Chao as secretary of labor. We wanted her to provide assurances that she would enforce affirmative action laws, and also to disavow her allegiance to the right-wing Independent Women’s Forum. She did neither. The advocacy community must hold Bush responsible for understanding the needs of communities of color. We must get Democrats back in control of Congress in 2002. Women’s votes have been so important in maintaining any of the advancements we’ve made.”
-Diane Chin, executive director

17 Walter U Lum Place
San Francisco, Calif. 94108
(415) 274-6750
Fax: (415) 397-8770
E-mail: caa@caasf.org

9to5, National Association Of Working Women
9to5 was founded in 1973 by a group of clerical workers in Boston. It is a grassroots force of nearly 15,000 women. It keeps in touch with working women through its Job Problem Hotline (800-522-0925), which links trained counselors with women in the workforce who need help with job-related questions.

“You realize the importance of the Executive when you look at what Clinton vetoed [such as the “partial-birth abortion” bill]. Now there’s nobody there to say no.”
-Ellen Bravo, codirector

231 West Wisconsin Ave., Ste. 900
Milwaukee, Wisc. 53203-2308
(414) 274-0925
Fax: (414) 272-2870
E-mail: naww9to5@execpc.com

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