NY Times/CBS News Poll Shows Strong Support for Abortion Rights

In a new New York Times and CBS News poll of 1,113 people, respondents indicated strong support for legal abortion rights. The poll (see PDF) divided the respondents into two groups. Thirty-seven percent of respondents in the first of two groups polled answered that they would like to see abortion generally available to those who want it, and 31 percent of the second group polled answered that abortion should be permitted in all cases.

In polls, respondents generally favor abortion rights, but this most recent poll shows a slight increase in support for the right to safe, legal abortion. Currently, right-wing forces seek to overturn Roe v. Wade. If Roe is overturned, abortion would automatically be banned in 23 states, according to RH Reality Check.

In addition to showing strong support for abortion rights, the poll also indicated that 8% will be voting based on social issues in this year’s election. Forty-eight percent of respondents identified the economy as the most important issue.


New York Times & CBS News Poll 9/12-16/08; RH Reality Check 9/18/08

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