NYC High School Administrators Criticized for Classroom Rape

Investigators looking into the gang rape that occurred in an abandoned classroom last spring criticized school administrators yesterday for not acting on another teacher’s advice and possibly preventing it, as well as not reporting the rape to police until a month after the girl reported it to school authorities.

Although an art teacher at August Martin High School in Queens had given several supervisors a memo stating that the empty classroom was being used for sex, three assistant principals, a dean and a custodial worker all failed to take action. In the April 16th memo, the teacher stated that she had found used condoms and a student pass dated the previous day in the locked classroom. A 14-year-old girl was gang-raped there three hours later.

Edward Stancik, the special commissioner of investigation for NYC schools, said the supervisors failed to immediately examine and secure the room, which could have prevented the assault. He is calling for the dismissal of two administrators and disciplinary actions against three others.

The four male students, charged with rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment, have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting a hearing next month. Three of the four accused have been suspended and are taking classes through an outreach program. The fourth accused has graduated from high school and the rape victim has transferred to another school.


New York Times - September 17, 1997

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