Obama Administration to Rescind Bush-Era Title IX Sports Regulation

The Obama Administration will rescind a Bush-era sports policy regulation on Title IX. Title IX was originally created to prohibit discrimination in education on the basis of sex. According to BusinessWeek, Vice President Joseph Biden said in a statement, “Making Title IX as strong as possible is a no-brainer. What we’re doing here today will better ensure equal opportunity in athletics, and allowing women to realize their potential – so this nation can realize its potential.” The change in regulation will end the use of the Department of Education’s 2005 model survey, which is currently one of three ways colleges can meet athletics guidelines in accordance with Title IX, said USA Today. “Good riddance to another Bush policy to turn back Title IX – this one designed to limit women’s college athletic options. Can you imagine a college canceling a men’s sport because male students didn’t reply to an email survey? That’s what they tried to do with women’s teams,” said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority, in a press release. Kim Gandy, vice president and general counsel of the Feminist Majority Foundation also said, “Rescission of this Bush assault on Title IX is a good start, and the next focus should be on other Bush efforts to limit Title IX – especially [2006] changes in the Title IX regulations on single-sex schools and classes, which some schools are interpreting to permit sex discrimination and unequal opportunities for girls in K-12.” The new changes in regulations do not alter Bush-era regulations that allow sex segregation. The Feminist Majority Foundation currently is working to remove these regulations through their Campaign to Rescind the Bush Administration 2006 Regulation Weakening Title IX Prohibitions Against Sex Discrimination in Education (see PDF).


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