Obama Appoints Record Number of Women Judges to Federal Bench

On Monday, President Obama set the record for most women judges appointed to the federal bench in one term when Stephanie Rose was confirmed on a 89 to 1 Senate vote as a new U.S. District Court Judge in Southern District of Iowa. Obama has now appointed 72 women to federal judgeships. This is the same number of women judges appointed to the federal bench during George W. Bush’s entire presidency. Notably, Rose will be the first woman judge in the District Court of the Southern District of Iowa.

In addition, President Obama has appointed numerous minority judges to federal bench. Thus far, he has appointed 29 minority women, 22 African-Americans, and three openly gay judges to the federal bench, surpassing former President Bush in every category.

Two of President Obama’s appointments include Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who are both now justices on the United States Supreme Court. Sotomayor is the 111th justice, the third woman, and first Hispanic to serve on the Supreme Court. Kagan is the fourth woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Her swearing-in marked the first time in US history during which three women have served simultaneously on the Supreme Court.

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