Obama Budget Maintains Funds for Women’s Programs

The proposed budget issued by President Barack Obama yesterday for fiscal year 2011 largely exempts programs of importance to women and girls from the wide funding freeze announced by the administration. According to McClatchy, a White House spokeswoman said, “We’re looking at a lot of significant funding increases for women’s programs in a year when the president has ordered a three-year, non-security, discretionary spending freeze.” In the $3.8 trillion budget, there are modest increases for 15 programs that impact women and girls. For example, Title X funding will increase by $10 million over 2010 funding levels to $327 million. Abstinence-only program funds are not included in the budget, but funding for sex education and teen pregnancy prevention programs will increase by $19 million over 2010 funding levels to $129 million. Funding for domestic violence programs will increase by $117 million over current funding levels to $535 million. The budget also includes $8.1 billion towards food aid for low in-come children and pregnant women. $3.9 billion is allotted for Head Start meals and childcare programs.


McClatchy 2/1/10; Feminist Majority 2/1/10

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