“Dr” Laura Bashes Planned Parenthood

The infamous anti-gay radio and television talk show host “Dr.” Laura Schlessinger is at it again, this time with a harsh diatribe against Planned Parenthood. On her radio show aired in Washington DC this morning, Schlessinger argued that Planned Parenthood promotes sex , even among eight-year-olds. Schlessinger also claimed that Planned Parenthood is “discriminatory” because it does not hire anti-choice individuals. Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest voluntary family planning organization. Its recently launched teen site, www.teenwire.com, offers honest, thorough advice for teens on sexuality, contraception, abstinence, and a host of other important health topics.


WAML-AM 630 radio, Washington DC Ð April 30, 2001 and Planned Parenthood Federation of America website

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