“Dr” Laura Show Cancelled

The Dr. Laura Schlessinger television show, produced and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television, ended production on March 29 with the taping of its final episode. The cancellation of the show is the culmination of national grassroots campaigns against hate and anti-gay defamation led by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the Stop Dr. Laura Coalition. Former radio show host Laura Schlessinger described gays and lesbians as “deviant” and “a biological error,” and offered therapeutic advice denounced by the American Psychological Association urging gays and lesbians to “convert” to heterosexuality. Schlessinger holds a PhD in physiology, not in psychology or psychiatry. Her televised show received consistently poor ratings since its premiere, and was moved to late-night spots in the lineup on many networks.


GLADD and StopDrLaura.com Ð March 30, 2001

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