Officer Accuses Albuquerque Police of Gender-Biased Discipline

Officer Sheryl Paloni has accused the Albuquerque Police Department, of which she is 20-year veteran, of gender discrimination after she was disciplined for firing her sidearm during a pursuit, while male officers guilty of the same error in the same incident were not disciplined. Paloni admits to having shot at the car of a fleeing bank robbery suspect, which is discouraged in department policy, and says she accepts being disciplined for it. However, the complaint she lodged with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is on the grounds that male and female officers involved in the incident were not disciplined equally. Another female officer involved in the bank robbery incident was also disciplined, but none of the male officers were. The Albuquerque Police Department says they are not ready to comment on the accusation.


Albuquerque Tribune; 06/30/02

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