OH Bill to Restrict Late-Term Abortions Before Governor

House Bill 78, which will limit women’s access to late-term abortions in the state, has passed the state legislature and will now go to Ohio Governor John Kasich (R), who is likely to sign the bill. House Bill 78 will restrict abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy unless a doctor determines the fetus is not viable. The bill does not include an exception when the health or life of the woman is at risk. The bill passed the Republican-controlled Senate with a 27-7 vote.

If Governor Kasich signs the bill, Ohio will join 39 other states with late-term abortion limits, including seven states that passed similar legislation: Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Idaho, Indiana, Missouri, and Alabama. In the upcoming weeks, Kasich will also decide whether to pass another abortion bill that would restrict abortions after the detection of the fetal heartbeat into law. Since January, Ohio has taken up eight other abortion related bills.

Senator Nina Turner (D-OH) stated that the bill “denies a woman her individual right, her civil rights and her human rights to have control over her body.” Executive Director of Right to Life Mike Gonidakis stated that he believes the bill will impact more than 600 abortions per year.


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