OH Budget, with Anti-Abortion Amendments, Passes Senate Committee

Yesterday, the Ohio Senate Finance Committee voted for a two-year state budget after attaching two anti-abortion amendments to it. One amendment would ban abortion services in public hospitals and the other would prohibit public funds for health care plans that cover abortions. The bill is expected to go to the state Senate for a vote today.

Kelly Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice, condemned the amendments saying, “Instead of letting doctors provide the best medical care for women, the Ohio Senate is imposing their anti-choice political agenda on providers, and forcing hospitals to put politics before patients’ needs. Without knowing every woman’s situation or why she is considering abortion, these politicians are proposing a budget amendment that would take away that option even if her health is at risk or when a much-wanted pregnancy goes terribly wrong.”

The Ohio budget plan would also allow for charter schools for students considered gifted.


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