One Million Voices Campaign Begins

One Million Voices, a week of reproductive rights activism to raise awareness of the threat to legal abortion in the United States, begins today in states across the nation. Community groups throughout the U.S. will be holding vigils, hosting lectures, organizing rallies, and showing the new Feminist Majority video Never Go Back, an overview of the impending challenge to Roe v. Wade if the U.S. Supreme Court or the federal Courts of Appeals are stacked by President Bush with lifetime appointments of anti-abortion Justices. As part of One Million Voices, Gloria Steinem, feminist activist and co-founder of Ms. magazine, will host a special online chat January 23 at 8:00pm EST on www.feministcampus.org.

A true grassroots project, One Million Voices began when a group of Boston feminists contacted the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) about a benefit concert with workshops to educate their community about the threat to Roe. Now FMF is encouraging pro-choice activists around the U.S. (including participants in their pro-choice campus program and the Million4Roe Campaign) to bring the spirit of One Million Voices nationwide by conducting public-education events in their communities. To join an event, or host one of your own, log on to www.OneMillionVoices.com.

JOIN THE GLORIA STEINEM CHAT! Submit your questions in advance, email Campusteam@feminist.org.


Feminist Majority and Feminist Majority Foundation

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