Online Gender Gap Closing

Although they spend less than men online, women make up nearly half of Internet users, and their participation in Internet shopping is on the rise, according to Jupiter Communications. Analysts expect that Internet sales will more than double this holiday shopping season. Online retailers, seeking to capitalize on the increase in women’s Internet purchasing, are redesigning their sites to appeal more to women by pointing to the convenience and lower prices that online shopping promises.

Just three years ago, the majority of Internet users were wealthy white males. Edward LaHood, chairman of Beautyjungle.com Inc., said “We are in this huge transition in which women are becoming the dominant force on the Web.” American Online (AOL) reports that 48% of its female subscribers are buying online and slightly outnumber men in AOL membership. Jupiter Communications projected that women will take the lead in online spending in the next three years.


The Washington Post - November 2, 1999

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