Open Letter from Clergy asks Obama to Return to “Message of Hope”

More than 150 clergy appealed in an open letter to Senator Barack Obama that he “fulfill the promise and the hopes [he] raised in the early months of [his] campaign.” The letter calls “toning down” Obama’s message and his “moving to appeal to the center” a “politically disastrous strategy.”

The letter calls upon Obama to alter his current approach on a number of hot button issues. It suggests Obama approach foreign policy in a way that incorporates “generosity and caring for others,” emphasizes the flaws in current military strategy, and forbids and criminalizes torture. The clergy publicly call on the current administration to avoid provocative actions that may lead to new armed conflicts. They call on Obama to make the global environment a top priority, to commit to the principle that we are obliged to care for one another in many contexts, and to commit to teaching students the skills and principles of caring. The letter notably fails to mention social issues that are based in discrimination on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and age.


Tikkun Magazine News Release 8/21/08

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