Opposition to Michigan Anti-Affirmative Action Measure Grows

An anti-affirmative action bill that will likely appear on Michigan’s November 7 ballot is facing increasing opposition by individuals who feel they were duped into signing a petition in favor of the proposed initiative. Nearly 500,000 citizens signed the petition, according to WZZM 13, a Michigan affiliate of ABC, and many are now saying they were led to believe the petition was meant to support affirmative action for women and minorities.

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) is led by Ward Connerly, who does not reside in the state and who has led similar campaigns in Washington and California. The proposed amendment to the state constitution would end affirmative action in regard to public university admissions, state employment, and state contracting.

According to WOODTV, four meetings have now been held in Michigan in which residents expressed their outrage to members of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission. Picketers outside of a highly attended meeting held on Monday in Grand Rapids accused the MCRI of voter fraud, reports WZZM 13. Activists are banding together to fight the initiative and a coalition of women’s rights groups have formed called Michigan Women United, according to Ms.

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