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Our #AbortionMatters Blog Carnival

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Welcome to #AbortionMatters!  This blog carnival will showcase various personal essays and short policy pieces that stress the importance of a federal – and wholly national – approach to abortion. In an effort to destigmatize abortion, encourage wider education on the procedure, and normalize the conversation, we’re gathering stories to illustrate the complexity and unique experiences which shape the pro-choice movement and demand greater action. We’ll be sharing those stories all weekend – beginning right here, right now. And once they’re posted, they’ll be listed here – so consider this home base.

If you didn’t submit, that’s fine! There’s still time to send pieces to us via email or post your own and share them with us via social media. (You can read up on the submission guidelines hereWe’ll be looking out for your tweets! Promise.) We’d love to hear your voice and we’d love for this to be your platform to use it.

And now, without further ado, let’s get down to explaining how and why we’re doing this thing.


+ 8/15: Call for Submissions: #AbortionMatters Blog Carnival

+ 8/23: #AbortionMatters Blog Carnival Begins NOW!

+ 8/23: Graduate Baby Blues: When Pregnancy and College Don’t Mix, Anonymous

+ 8/23: Military Abortion Rights: Boxing in Women Who Serve, by Leah Gates

+ 8/23: My Abortion Story, by Jacqui Morton

+ 8/23: The Fence, by Wendy Ortiz

+ 8/24: My Mother Wanted To Be An Astronaut, by Leigh Sanders

+ 8/24: Let’s Make Access to Abortion Meaningful to All Women, by Sara Alcid

+ 8/24: I’m Pro-Choice Because Sophie Needed One, by Alissa M.

+ 8/24: There Was Zero Question In My Mind, by L. Anderson

+ 8/25: How US Policy Denies Life-Saving Care to Women Raped in War, by Akila Radhakrishnan

+ 8/25: Our Constitutional Right to Abortion Regardless of Religion, Anonymous

+ 8/25: It’s Her Choice, by Nicole Wachter

+ 8/26: Our Choice, Our Voice: On Speaking Out and Not Being Spoken Down To, by Carmen Rios

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