Over 3 Million Raised From Breast Cancer Stamp Sales

The USPS breast cancer postage stamp has successfully raised $3.6 million dollars for research since its introduction just three months ago. Close to 45 million stamps have been sold, allocating 8 cents per stamp for use in breast cancer research.

Each stamp costs 40 cents and can be used for standard 32 cent first-class postage. The stamp may be reprinted next year if solid sales continue, said Postmaster General William Henderson.

The National Institutes of Health will receive 70 percent of the funds collected for research, and the Defense Department’s medical research program will obtain the remaining 30 percent.

The breast cancer stamp is the first so-called semipostal produced in the United States. Due to its success, proposals are underway in Congress to create a semipostal to raise money for prostate cancer research.


Womenconnect.com - November 19, 1998

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