Over 40 Percent of Jordanian Women Suffer Abuse

According to a recent United Nations report, 42 percent of Jordanian women suffer physical abuse and continue to face discrimination in economic and political spheres. The reports states two out of every three women will suffer abuse at least once in their lifetimes, reports the Jordan Times. In addition, the report states that educated women are less likely to suffer acts of violence, as only 1 percent of the victims were educated women.

According to the United Nations Development Fund’s (UNIFEM) report, “Status of Jordanian Women: Demography, Economic Participation, Political Participation and Violence,” a woman’s potential to affect her own well-being and that of her community is hampered by social and cultural factors, reports the Jordan Times. However, the study did find that more women are running for Jordan’s parliamentary elections than in previous years.

The report is the first that statistically analyzes violence against women in Jordan, reports BBC News.

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