Owner of Bombed Atlanta Nightclub is Sister of Abortion Doctor

The owner of the lesbian and gay Atlanta nightclub that was bombed February 21 is the sister of the late Dr. James McMahon, an abortion doctor who had been targeted for anti-abortion protests and hate mail. The FBI is investigating the link between Dr. McMahon and his sister Beverly McMahon who owns The Otherside Lounge where a nail-laden bomb injured five people Friday night. A second, larger bomb was found and detonated by officials using a robot. In 1983, Dr. McMahon helped develop the intact dilation and extraction procedure known as the D&X late term abortion. McMahon called the method a safer alternative for women in the later stages of a problem pregnancy and said it would improve their chances of bearing children again. The Army of God, known for its manuals on terrorizing abortion clinics, has written a letter claiming responsibility for the club bombing as well as the double-bombing of an Atlanta abortion clinic in January which the FBI is also investigating. Dr. McMahon died of a brain tumor in 1995.


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