PA Police Reinstate Woman Whistleblower

The Pennsylvania State Police has announced that Cynthia Transue, who was removed from her position as deputy commissioner in June, has a new position as deputy for special projects. Transue will have an increase in pay, and is set to retire at the end of the year with a pension equal to what she would have made had she stayed an additional three years at her previous position, reports The Patriot News.

Transue’s new position is effective as of June 24, the same day on which she was removed from her former office. Her departure was widely suspected to be the result of an internal-affairs investigation undertaken in retaliation for her accusations of perjury against Barry Titler, the agency’s disciplinary officer. Her reinstatement has led sources to speculate that the department was facing a discrimination suit in Transue’s case, reports The Patriot News, and decided to rehire her to avoid prosecution. Although her new position carries no rank, Transue was the highest-ranking women in the Pennsylvania police force.

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