Pakistan Leader Vows to Promote Women’s Rights

Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s military ruler, declared today that 2000 is to be the Year of Human Rights in Pakistan. Musharraf made this declaration during the beginning of a two-day convention of local and international human rights activists.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported that in 1999, women were among those who suffered the worst human rights abuses. Women in Pakistan face the threat of so-called honor killings at the hands of relatives. Police often refuse to investigate or the courts dismiss the cases.

Musharraf insisted his administration would not tolerate the sanctioning of these killings. “So-called honor killings…don’t find any place in our religion or our law. Killing in the name of honor is murder and will be treated as such,” said Musharraf. He also called for progressive child labor reform and universal primary education.


The Associated Press - 21 April, 2000]

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