Pakistan Limits UN Aid for Jalozai Refugee Camp

Over the last year, one million people have fled their homes in Afghanistan to escape the brutal terrorism of the Taliban regime and to seek refuge from the worst drought to hit the country in 20 years. As many as 800,000 internal refugees seek relief within Afghanistan; thousands have crossed the border to neighboring Pakistan in search of relief, only to find death and starvation in this unsympathetic country. The government of Pakistan is using one refugee camp, JalozaiÑwhere 80,000 starving people watch at least one child die dailyÑas a warning to the throngs of refugees still trying to cross the border, that Pakistan will not support them.

United Nations officials assert millions of dollars are set aside to aid new refugees from Afghanistan and that refusing to accept UN aid makes Pakistan complicit in the death and starvation Afghan refugees endure everyday. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that if the drought in Afghanistan ended tomorrow, food assistance to refugees would need to continue until July 2002.

Take Action! Demand Immediate Emergency Assistance for Afghan Refugees!


Christian Science Monitor Ð April 9, 2001; Toronto Star Ð April 8, 2001

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