Pakistan Vows to Continue Supporting Taliban Regime

Pakistan’s military ruler stated that his government will continue to support the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, claiming that he did not want to antagonize the ethnic population living on either side of the border. The global community has condemned Pakistan’s support of the Taliban, which is known for its oppressive policy toward women and girls. Pakistan, which is suspected of offering the Taliban military and economic assistance, is the only country apart from the United Arab Emirates to officially recognize the regime. “The Taliban Administration represents the majority Pashtun population in Afghanistan and it is in our interest to support them,” General Pervez Musharraf stated. The general’s statement, which will undoubtedly alienate the multiple ethnic groups persecuted by the Taliban, marks the first time that a Pakistani leader has defended support for the Taliban on an ethnic basis. Musharraf’s statement clearly reflects that international pressure on Pakistan has had little effect.


The Times 3 August 2000

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