Partial Birth Abortion Bill Proposed in Kansas

Claiming that Kansas is becoming known as the “abortion capital of the world”, state lawmakers have proposed a bill that would ban the so-called “partial birth” abortion procedure. This follows two well-publicized cases of minors who traveled to Kansas to undergo late term abortions, the most recent being a 14 year-old ward of the state of Arizona who had been raped. State Senator Nancy Harrington (R) is sponsoring the bill “aimed at the doctor” who performs the procedure. While anti-choice Senators Harrington and Karin Brownlee (R) call the recent Arizona case a “rallying cry” for the state to “erect an impenetrable wall against infanticide,” others like state Sen. Lana Oleen (D) say that the girl’s case is “a very sad situation that will be exploited by some).


Kansas City Star - September 8, 1999

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