Peace Protests Across Country

Tens of thousands of peace activists took part in marches across the country on Saturday, marking the fifth anniversary of the Senate’s vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq. The ‘National Day of Action’ was sponsored by the United for Peace and Justice coalition.

Demonstrations took place in at least 11 cities, including New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle. The largest, according to organizers, took place in San Francisco, where they estimate 30,000 people participated, reports the Associated Press. The demonstrators also spoke out on issues like nuclear weapons and the likelihood of US military action in Iran over its escalating nuclear program, reports Reuters.

Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator of United for Peace and Justice said in a press release: “Today marks another important step in the development of a truly national movement to end the war and occupation in Iraq. The people of this country want the troops to come home: they want our tax dollars used to meet the needs of our communities, not for war; and they want to make sure there is not a new war against Iran. This movement is strong and will only keep growing.”


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