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Penn State Fraternity Suspended for Facebook Page of Nude, Unconscious Women

A Penn State fraternity has been suspended over the discovery of a private Facebook page with photographs of nude women, some of whom appear to have passed out, as well as photos of drug deals and hazing.

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The State College police, the Interfraternity council, and Penn State are all investigating fraternity Kappa Delta Rho and the damaging evidence on the Facebook page, which had 150 members of current students and fraternity alumni.  “In response to the discovery of the two Facebook pages allegedly hosted by Kappa Delta Rho, the chapter was immediately placed on full chapter suspension by Penn State’s Interfraternity Council,” the council said following the fraternity’s suspension.

The State College police obtained a search warrant following a tip about the Facebook account, but by the time they searched fraternity members’ computers the account had been wiped clean. They did, however, obtain around 20 photographs that had been printed out from the account. According to the Interfraternity Council, the fraternity will be summoned upon completion of the investigation to “undergo a conduct review session.”

Colleges and fraternities have been under national scrutiny for accusations of rape and sexual assault, and neglect on the behalf of colleges to act accordingly. The Hunting Ground, an unprecedented documentary opening last month, details the campus rape epidemic and the stories of many survivors of campus rape and sexual assault in their fight for justice. Some colleges are beginning to respond to this epidemic. Just last month, a Yale University fraternity was banned from conducting on-campus activities until August 2016 as a result of violating the university’s sexual misconduct code. Similarly, the University of Virginia announced in January new regulations governing fraternal organizations to enhance safety on campus, and required all organizations to sign onto new regulations by Jan 16. Two fraternities, Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha Order announced however that they would not sign the new FOA.

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