PEP Resumes Abortion Rights TV Campaign

At the end of December, the Pro-Choice Public Education Project, a nationwide consortium of abortion rights groups, will begin broadcasting 30-second commercials aimed at female viewers 16 to 25 years old. The ad will be shown in New York and California and released to the 50 PEP member organizations for their use.

The ad is designed to encourage young people to talk about the issue of abortion. The TV spot features a politician who follows a young woman around and makes various choices for her, such as her selection of soda, and closes with “You wouldn’t want some guy in Washington to make choices for you. Why let them make the most important choice of all. Fight for your right to a safe and legal abortion.”

The Feminist Majority Foundation is a member of the PEP Steering Committee.


New York Times and Feminist Majority Foundation - December 16, 1999

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