Personhood USA Criticizes Romney-Ryan Support of Rape Exception

Personhood USA criticized the Romney-Ryan ticket after the campaign announced it would not oppose abortion in cases of rape.

The radical “pro-life” organization originally praised Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan for his continued efforts to defend “personhood” – which could ban emergency contraception, birth control pills, and IUDs as well as all abortions, even in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman or girl. It could even eliminate medical choices for women, including some cancer treatments, in vitro fertilization, and could allow the state to investigate and even prosecute a woman for a miscarriage. Ryan has a record of supporting anti-abortion legislation.

“We had hoped that Congressman Ryan would be a good influence on Governor Romney, considering Romney’s liberal abortion record,” Personhood USA Communication Director Jennifer Mason stated. “Reading today that babies conceived in rape should suffer the death penalty under a Romney-Ryan administration is extremely concerning, indicates that Congressman Ryan’s pro-woman and pro-baby positions would have little influence if he wins the office of Vice President of the United States.”

Despite the fact that the Romney-Ryan campaign has announced support for rape exceptions, the Republican Party platform approved by the platform committee on Tuesday includes a “human life amendment.” The amendment would ban all abortion, outlaw many forms of contraception and in vitro fertilization, and criminalize miscarriages. Similar amendments promoted by the radical anti-choice group Personhood USA have been on the ballots in Colorado and Mississippi and have failed.

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