Petition Claims Phillip-Morris Women’s Music Label is a Trick to Hook Women to Smoking

A circulating petition claims that The Phillip-Morris Tobacco Company has released a new music recording label entitled, “Woman Thing Music” in order to attract more women to smoking. The company will give away free CD’s of its female recording artists to persons who buy two or more packs of Virginia Slims Cigarettes. Martha Byrne a soap opera star for “As the World Turns” began a ten-city tour in February to promote the new label and a petition aimed at her and “As the World Turns” has circulated to expose the hazards of smoking. In 1994, 25 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 24 smoked and smoking among teenage girls has increased for five consecutive years.

For more information about the petition or concert protests, e-mail info@wldf.org or contact National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids at 1-800-284-KIDS.


The Nando Net - March 24, 1997

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