Pharmaceutical Company Fires CEO for Sexual Harassment

Lars Bildman, Chief Executive of the Astra USA, has been fired following a suspension and an investigation of allegations of sexual harassment and embezzlement. Company officials said executives first learned about allegations of years of sexual harassment in April, and Bildman was suspended April 28 after 16 employees complained of sexual harassment. Bildman was accused of replacing married mothers and older women employees with “stunningly attractive” younger women and of pressuring female employees to have sex. C.G. Johansson, Executive Vice President of Swedish pharmaceutical giant Astra AB said the investigation was closed, but six former employees filed a federal lawsuit last month claiming that Astra executives created “an organized pattern of sexual harassment — in order to satisfy their personal desires.” Bildman and the company are being questioned about the complaints by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A lawyer for Astra said 12 former employees have settled sexual harassment suits against Astra. The board voted unanimously to fire Bildman, and two other executives were fired after having been suspended on sexual harassment claims. Another executive, Anders Lonner who allegedly knew about the pattern of harassment but failed to make a report, also resigned.


: Reuters - June 26, 1996; The Nando Net and the Associated Press - June 26, 1996

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