Pharmacist Sues After Being Fired for Refusing to Dispense EC

A Detroit pharmacist is suing his former employer, Target, alleging that he was fired for refusing to dispense emergency contraceptives. The pharmacist, Brian Bundy, claims that Target violated the US Civil Rights Act of 1964 by not accommodating his religious beliefs, reports the Daily Women’s Health Policy Report.

Bundy was fired seven months after the Plan B emergency contraceptive pill became available over the counter for women over the age of 18. He claims that he alerted his employer about his religious beliefs before he was hired, but Target insisted he dispense Plan B to over-the-counter customers, reports Detroit News.

Bundy filed a federal lawsuit last week with the US District Court in Detroit. He is seeking unspecified damages. According to David T. Ball, a specialist in employment law, none of the cases so far involving refusal to dispense Plan B have been decided by a federal appeals court, reports the Detroit News. funny pictures funny images funny photos funny animal pictures funny dog pictures funny cat pictures funny gifs


Daily Women�s Health Policy Report 12/4/07; Detroit News 12/1/07

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