Phone Company Fundraises for Anti-Abortion Groups

Anti-abortion groups are tapping into telecommunications for new sources of funding, reported the Associated Press. Answering a “direct calling from our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,” Joseph and Jane Dalton five years ago founded the Missouri-based Pro Life Communications, which donates its net profits to conservative, anti-abortion groups, such as National Right to Life and Concerned Women for America. Last month, the Christian Coalition unveiled the company’s new local telephone service to its two million members, saying “For the first time ever, with Pro Life Communications we have a local phone company that desires to honor God, uphold family values and save the 3,500 innocent babies that are killed each day…,” reported the Associated Press. The coalition expects to profit $72 annually per long-distance member and $2 per month plus a onetime fee of $15 for every new local service member.

Funds raised by the tax-exempt group will go towards operating costs; however, it remains unclear whether the new campaign finance law will impact how monies will pay for political ads near election time. Last year, Pro Life Communications raised $225,000 for anti-choice groups.

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