Pipe Bomb Explodes at Stem Cell Lab

A pipe bomb exploded last Thursday at Amaranth Bio Inc, a laboratory outside Boston specializing in stem-cell research. No one was injured from the blast that shattered several windows. Police verified that a break in had occurred prior to the explosion, according to Reuters. Massachusetts State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan told the Associated Press, “It clearly was an explosive deviceÉA crime was committed.” Local police and fire departments are also investigating the explosion, along with federal agents from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. According to Reuters, Aramanth Bio Inc is working on cures for diabetes and liver disorders through organ regeneration. The company, which is hoping to resume full operations in a few weeks, uses donated adult human tissue in its research, the Associated Press reports. President Bush has banned all federal funding for research using new embryonic stem-cell lines. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has promised that if elected, he would rescind the ban. JOIN the Feminist Majority


Associated Press 8/27/04; Reuters 8/27/04

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