Pittsburgh’s City League to be Subject of Title IX Audit

The Pittsburgh School Board and the non-profit Women’s Law Project announced yesterday that a Title IX audit will be performed on the City League’s nine high school athletic programs. The decision comes after the Women’s Law Project’s initial assessments found alleged Title IX violations at two area high schools, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The announcement of the audit followed negotiations between City League school board member Heather Arnet and attorneys for the Women’s Law Project, according to the Associated Press. The Tribune-Review reported that the audit process will include interviews with coaches, parents, students, and administrators to ensure equitable treatment of students.

The Women’s Law Project was pleased with the school district’s willingness to address potential violations of Title IX, according to the Tribune-Review. Susan Frietsche, a senior staff attorney with the Project called the impending audit an “absolutely wonderful development” and said the “Pittsburgh Public Schools should be applauded for working collaboratively on their apparent Title IX problems.”

Arnet also commented in the Tribune-Review: “We want to get an honest picture of how we’re doing. I think some things we do are excellent, but the audit might identify some things we could do better.”


Associated Press 12/2/2008, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 12/2/2008

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