Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin to Resume Abortion Procedures

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin will resume abortion services in its Milwaukee and Appleton clinics Friday, despite concern that a vaguely-defined law banning certain surgical abortion procedures could subject doctors to life-long prison sentences.

All of Wisconsin’s abortion clinics stopped performing surgical abortions late last week, when the new law took effect. The Summit Women’s Health Organization in Milwaukee later resumed its abortion services after the clinic obtained an assurance from the local district attorney that employees would not be prosecuted for performing early-term abortions. The district attorney in Madison has issued a similar pledge.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers plan to challenge the constitutionality of the state’s ban. A request for a temporary restraining order on the law was denied and subsequently appealed last week.

According to New York’s Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, at least 28 states have passed laws that restrict or prohibit certain late-term abortion procedures.

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